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Founded in 1952, Aerocom has grown to become a leader in pneumatic tube system technology worldwide with more than 50,000 systems installed in 65 countries.

Return on Investment: Why Pneumatic Tube Systems?

When routine logistic tasks can be handled at a speed of 6-8m/sec rather than on foot, the performance of your entire operation is enhanced. Aerocom air tube systems can save on two of the most valuable assets in any business, time and money. There is an added benefit beyond the black and white savings of money and time.

The profitability of an Aerocom pneumatic tube system could be calculated as follows:

R x T / 60

R = Route (how often)
T = Time spent per route in minutes
60 = Conversion factor from minutes to hours
e.g. 30 times a day shipping documents (such as delivery notes, facsimiles and other documents) and laboratory samples must be transported from one office to the other. This will take approximately 10 minutes for going back and forth and adds to the following figures:

R x T / 60 = 30 x 10 / 60 = 5 h / day x 250 working days = 1250 hours per year
Assuming an hourly cost of €31.00, then the annual expense savings will be €38,750.

And the other important thing is: Nothing can get lost during the transport with a pneumatic tube system, things remain confidential and if you forgot something, simply send it with the next carrier.

  • Who needs pneumatic tube systems?
  • What can be transported via a pneumatic tube system?
  • When is the right time for a pneumatic tube system?
  • Where to install the pneumatic tube system?
  • How to learn more?

Example Chart

Example chart
  • Business
  • working days per year:
  • situation:
  • number of errands per day:
  • seconds per errand :
  • costs per hour:
  • total costs per year:
  • type of pneumatic tube system:
  • total amount of investment:
  • length of amortisation time:
  • ABC Company
  • 300
  • salesroom on ground floor, developing lab on second floor
  • 40
  • 120
  • € 15
  • € 6,000
  • two-point system
  • 6,224
  • about 12 months,

Aerocom® pneumatic tube systems provide an exceptional return on investment, with a payback period shorter than you might expect.
Whether installed in a large, medium-sized or small business or matter what application, what segment of industry, services or trade, Aerocom® pneumatic tube systems pay for themselves quickly.
Because Aerocom® engineers incorporate the latest technology and design for maximum efficiency, the relationship between price, performance and value can often reduce your payback period to just one year.

Profitability: Who needs pneumatic tube systems?

Pneumatic tube systems have a place in all kinds of businesses. Our existing customer list shows that application of Aerocom systems is unlimited: manufacturing industries, supermarkets and retail stores, movie theatres, in administration and production areas, hotels, as well as in car dealerships, workshops and warehouses, post offices, hospitals and banks, newspapers, casinos and steel works. Aerocom systems are effective in a wide array of applications worldwide.

Profitability: What can be transported by pneumatic tube systems?

Tubing diameters range from 63mm to 315mm. This allows the transfer of large and long items. Even heavier materials can be transported quickly. Whether it's cash, important documents, medical supplies, lab samples...almost anything you can think of, Aerocom can help you transport it quickly, safely and efficiently.
Whatever the need, Aerocom has the system.

Profitability: When is the right time to install a pneumatic tube system?

There is no better time than the present.
Whether new construction or retrofit project in an existing facility, Aerocom delivers a customised solution to meet any requirement. We can work to your hours to avoid disruption to operations. Installation can be carried out in phases in conjunction with any development.
From a basic point-to-point system (AC2U), to the computer controlled, multi-zoned, AC 3000 with its up to 512 station capacity, Aerocom engineers can get it done.

Profitability: Where can a pneumatic tube system be installed?

Practically everywhere! Stations can be connected by a horizontal run or mounted vertically. Tubing can be installed overhead, or underground.
Since tubing can be run outdoors, Aerocom pneumatic tube systems can even link multiple buildings. Even roads and rivers don't present an obstacle that Aerocom can't overcome.
So perhaps the easier question would be: where can you not install an Aerocom system?
Aerocom has a solution to your material transportation need.

Profitability: How to learn more?

That's easy, just call Aerocom UK Ltd and explain your needs. Our sales department will advise you on the best solution and submit a multi optional quotation.

It's that easy so call 018413005 and ask for sales, or email us at

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