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Founded in 1952, Aerocom has grown to become a leader in pneumatic tube system technology worldwide with more than 50,000 systems installed in 65 countries.

How Does It Work?

Air Tube Systems work on suction and pressure, to receive and deliver carriers through a network of pipes. The complexity of the system can vary greatly. The simplest version is the AC2U, which is a single tube connecting two points. From station 1, the motor, on suction, pulls the carrier to station two. In the opposite direction, the motor uses pressure to blow the carrier back. This use of suction and pressure operates through all systems.

When the number of stations exceed two, diverters are used to create switching points in the tube. In this instance, the motor, on suction would pull the carrier from station 1, through the diverter, the diverter would then switch points before the motor, on pressure, blows the carrier to station 3. Example of this operation can be seen here.

The technology of the Aerocom system is just as integral to the physical structure of the system. Operated by a computer software programme, the system can be programmed to be as uniquely responsive to the needs of each individual station. For example, stations can be programmed not to release a carrier until a PIN number is entered. This can be useful when delivering products to a location and only authorised staff are permitted to access them. The software can allocate specific operating times to each station, such that after 6pm, for example, when a carrier is sent to a location, it can give the message that that department is closed, or accept the carrier and forward it to a pre-determined alternative.

Regardless of the type of stations, the type of system, the type of programming, Aerocom Air Tube Systems save time, and every minute of time that is saved, saves money. For full detailed description of the features and benefits of Aerocom Systems view our Air Tube Systems. For details on just how much money an Aerocom Air Tube System can save you, click here!

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