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Founded in 1952, Aerocom has grown to become a leader in pneumatic tube system technology worldwide with more than 50,000 systems installed in 65 countries.

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Once an Aerocom air tube system is installed it is only the beginning of our partnership.
24 hours a Day Telephone and Modem Support

As Aerocom is the only licensed supplier of Aerocom GmbH products and parts within Ireland and the UK, then we are without doubt the best company for the service and maintenance of the Pneumatic Tube Systems we install. Our head office in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin has an extensive stock of replacement parts, electronic hardware and carriers, and our nationwide network of service vehicles, with bases in Cork, Wicklow, and Cavan keep stock of consumable parts and some essential replacements should a breakdown occur. What sets Aerocom apart from other companies in the industry is that our professional service and standards compliment the asset investment therefore making the installer the obvious choice for after care.

  • Aerocom GmbH approved technicians
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Telephone and remote control modem support for your system
  • Our knowledge of the installation, hardware and software
  • Full technical backup from the manufacturer
  • Full documentation and manuals available
  • The sole provider of software upgrades
  • An extensive nationwide infrastructure
  • A comprehensive stock of parts and spares

Planned Preventative Maintenance:

All mechanical equipment must be serviced on a regular basis to ensure it achieves the most efficient and longest possible life span. In co-operation with our customers we enter into service contracts that allows our technicians carry out the necessary maintenance at regular times during the year. Pre-planned maintenance reduces the incidents of system failures and enhances the performance of the air tube systems for the lifecycle duration. We can design the most cost effective and efficient service contract for your needs. We provide fully documented reports on the service procedure, results from each individual component and how it is performing in comparison to its lifecycle.

Reactive Maintenance

From time to time an urgent service call is required. This may be caused by a component failure, a user error or other local events. Following contact by the customer to our support office, a service call is logged and the service technician will call back to assess the error. Some problems can be talked through over the phone and rectified without the need for an on-site visit. Modem support is of great benefit to assess an error, but if a physical call to site is required, the service technician will be dispatch with an estimated time of arrival given.

Modem Support

The AC3000 system is windows based and our dedicated team of technicians offer modem support to diagnose problems remotely, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can modify and update the system information, assist engineering staff with advice on solutions for many types of problem, track carriers or samples that may have been sent to the wrong destination. At least 50% of reported breakdowns are solved with modem support technicians. We offer full technical support 7 days a week including holidays 24 hours a day!

Life Cycle Renewal Programme

Air tube systems like everything else have a lifecycle expectation. Switches, PCB Boards, cable connections, moving parts etc, each has an expected lifecycle. By placing a Planned Preventative Maintenance contract with Aerocom, you can monitor the lifecycle of each component, and avail of innovative future proofing. Hardware and software is upgradable and the infrastructure recycled with a sustainability program. We start automatically when your Aerocom system reaches the first lifecycle milestone.

Project Management:

Our Project Management team leads a workforce of dedicated and skilled technicians and with full support from the manufacturer you can be certain the installation will be quality assured and professionally installed.
Full documentation is provided with every project:

  • Technical Drawings with CAD
  • H&S Documentation
  • Technical Manuals
  • O&M Manuals

With 40 major hospital installations in Ireland and over 100 in the UK together with many more various retail/commercial/industrial systems, including over 4000 SafelinK Installations, our extensive list of satisfied clients is a testimonial to our commitment. We also offer full and comprehensive aftercare service with planned preventive and reactive maintenance contracts available.

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