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Founded in 1952, Aerocom has grown to become a leader in pneumatic tube system technology worldwide with more than 50,000 systems installed in 65 countries.

Pneumatic Air Tube System Applications

Aerocom experience and extensive product line allow us to customise a system to meet your requirement. We have listed some examples of the more common air tube applications below. Aerocom have helped solve the logistical challenges of each application. If your industry or application is not listed, we are available to discuss your needs and tailor a system for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Aerocom offers the right choice for hospital applications. The AC3000 system is a fully functional, computer controlled system that can link every department in a hospital. With up to 64 independently operating zones and a possibility of over 1,000 stations, the AC3000 provides features such as sending and receiving priority, station forwarding, station sign-off, and secure transaction. Solid and liquid samples, sensitive electronic equipment, pharmaceuticals, IV solutions, and whole blood or plasma can be transported gently throughout the network of the system with our variable speed option and soft delivery.

The AC3000 is currently installed in 38 Irish Hospitals with thousands of kilometres of tube, each one saving time and money.

Aerocom Hospital Application Please click on the links above to learn more about how these systems can help you, or feel free to phone our Sales Department at 01 8143005. You can also click here for contact information.

Aerocom carriers

Carriers are available in standard and leakproof models

Aerocom transportation

Various items can be effectively transported in Aerocom carriers

Aerocom computer based systems

The AC3000 is a computer-based system

Aerocom hospital applicatons

AC3000 systems for Hospital applications


Aerocom pneumatic air tube systems are enhancing the operational efficiency in many types of manufacturing facilities in Ireland every day. Aerocom can move almost anything from parts to paperwork. If your operation has redundant tasks involving routine foot traffic, Aerocom has a system that will save you time and save you money. More importantly, it will also improve your overall operational and manufacturing processes.

Versatility is the key! A single system can be used to take work orders from the office to the factory floor. Once production begins, the system can take product samples to Quality Control for testing. Small parts and raw materials can be moved to and from various assembly areas. And once completed, sign off paperwork can be on its way to the administrative offices for processing. We have systems installed that deliver aeroplane engine parts from the storehouse to the different departments on the factory floor. We have systems installed that transport food samples from a manufacturing line, to the clean room laboratory for routine quality control checks. This operation saves hours of walking every week as without the system, the person walking would have to change clothes, shoes, and wash before crossing hygiene zones.
A single Aerocom tube system can streamline the entire process; from order entry to invoicing.

With the most flexible product line in the industry, Aerocom engineers can customise a system to meet nearly any requirement.

  • Choose the economical AC2U point-to-point systems when the need is to connect only two stations.
  • The AC50 is the economical choice for connecting 3 stations up to 10 stations. It allows any station on the system to send and receive to any other station on the system.
  • The AC24M is the perfect choice when the need is to transport items from multiple sub-stations to a central location such as a Quality Control Lab.
  • The AC3000 system offers enhanced operating features when the need is for a greater number than 10 stations or when automatic dispatching and receiving of carriers is a factor.

Size and weight are rarely a problem. Aerocom Air Tube Systems come in a range of diameters with the most common being 63mm ~ 110mm ~ 160mm with 200mm and even 315mm available if required. Whatever the need, Aerocom has the answer.

Retail Cash Handling:

Aerocom is the leader in the transport of Cash/Coin in the retail sector by matching customer need to our diverse product line. Our systems allow retail customers to reduce their exposure to theft by replacing walking with pneumatic transport. Imagine cash from your till, being deposited directly into the cash office, without being carried by hand, or leaving the checkout. The benefits in security are unrivalled. Not only is it more secure, but time and money is saved in labour costs with cashiers AND security staff not doing so much walking through the store.

Our AC24 M system is designed for retailers that have multiple Checkout locations and want to efficiently move cash/coin. The system is designed to connect the cash office to as many as 61 Checkouts. The system design allows only the transfer between the cash office station and specified Checkouts. Checkouts are not able to send to each other. The system provides a detailed audit trail which can be printed showing every transaction with date/time stamp.

The AC2U is our point-to-point system that is designed to connect only two locations. This system provides efficient and secure transport of cash/coin. Ideal for use where the cash office is perhaps remote to where CIT may arrive to make a collection. Rather than CIT operatives walking through your store, then walking back with the cash boxes, lodgement bags can be sent via the Air tube system to a secure station in a not so public area where CIT can collect and go discreetly

For the simple, single till stores or petrol stations, click here to see the details, benefits cost efficiency of the SafelinK System.

Retail Pharmacy

Imagine redesigning your pharmacy to relocate the dispensary upstairs, in a more remote part of the building in order to increase the retail space available. Increased retail place can help boost sales and turnover. But you may say, “the dispensary has to be near the tills”. Not necessarily! With a pneumatic air tube system, customers prescriptions can be sent to the dispensary, the prescription prepared, and products returned in the system. The AC2U system is the ideal solution! If you have a robotic dispensing machine, Aerocom have a compatible system, PharmaPost, that can collect from the robot and deliver to the tills, and return to await the next instruction.

Aerocom Transportation


In the fast paced world of Transportation, time is of the essence. With the use of a pneumatic air tube system system, dispatch terminals can effectively move necessary paperwork throughout the building. Whether it is from an outside check point, orders office or docking station, a pneumatic air tube system can speed up efficiency, eliminate walking times and minimise waiting time for drivers and loaders.

Aerocom Transportation

The AC50 system is ideal when you need to have up to ten locations with the ability to send to one another, but still consolidate the locations onto a single system. This consolidation into a single system is extremely efficient and is also very cost conscious.

Smaller Terminals can avail of the AC2U system when they choose to connect only two points. The AC2U is highly effective and reliable for customers who do not see expansion in the near future.

Both the AC50 and AC2U are available for underground installations to connect terminal buildings to remote locations. The systems also come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 110mm up to 315mm.

The most common systems used in the Transportation market are the AC50 and the AC2U, however any system can be design to meet specification.


Aerocom has a variety of systems specifically designed for the Warehouse and Distribution Centre industry. The system offers a variety of applications from moving freight bills to shipping tickets. Our systems can provide a seamless network that allows stations to send to the appropriate locations. Whether it is connecting the front office to the shipping/receiving department or connecting Ticket Despatch to multiple order picking locations, Aerocom has the system to meet your need.

The AC3000 is the system of choice when advanced features are needed or more than ten stations are required. The system has offers a variety of features and reports that can be customised for your needs.

The AC24M system allows a single Primary station to communicate with multiple secondary stations. This system is ideal for Despatch to send to multiple order selecting locations. The secondary stations cannot send to one another on this system.

AC50 is ideal for smaller locations that would connect a maximum of 10 locations. The system is ideal when you have multiple office and warehouse locations that must be able to communicate.

The AC2U is the perfect economy system for warehouses that wish to only connect the office and warehouse or two other similar points. It is an inexpensive means of transporting paperwork, way bills, or picking dockets from one point to another.

Examples of customers using the Aercom Air Tube System for this Application is Aldi, Lidl and Tesco. All of these systems come in a variety of sizes from 110mm to 315mm in diameter.

Government Building

Government Buildings

Government buildings and courthouses are environments ideally suited for an Aerocom pneumatic air tube system. Typically they are multiple floor facilities with a network of offices and departments. Lifts and increased security make the manual transfer of documents, records, and materials difficult, time consuming, and is not without an element of risk. An Aerocom tube system can reduce a typical task taking 10 minutes, to a few seconds. Not only does this make better use of employee time, it also eliminates the tendency to stack things up to reduce the number of trips. Ultimately, this creates better overall operational efficiency as paperwork and files move more fluidly between departments.

The types of records, files and materials circulated within these buildings are often fairly large. It is common to see systems of 110mm, or even 315mm. Government agencies often find that with these larger systems, their use of the system extends further their original intent. This provides benefits and justification beyond those used when considering the installation of a pneumatic tube system.

Security is priority one in today's prisons and court houses. Moving documents and records through these facilities has always been challenging because access authorisation must be granted; doors must be unlocked and re-locked with each transfer between different cell blocks and buildings. An Aerocom air tube system eliminates this problem. Aerocom carriers travel freely throughout the facility by circumventing tricky access points. With a properly designed system even keys can be transported to and from infinite points within secure facilities.

Prisons, Courts, Administrative buildings, or any other government building, Aerocom has a solution.The reliable AC2U, with its microprocessor controlled self-diagnostics handles the simple point-to-point applications. For multi-point requirements, Aerocom offers the economical AC24M and AC50. The computer controlled AC3000 provides the ultimate in control, security, and multi-station connectivity. Each system is available in a variety of sizes to handle whatever you need to transport.

If the goal is improved security, increased efficiency, reduced staffing or better work flow, an Aerocom air tube system is THE only solution. With a product line as flexible as Aerocom's, you can have it all.

Please click on the links above to learn more about how these systems can help you, or feel free to phone our Sales Department at 018413005.

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