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Founded in 1952, Aerocom has grown to become a leader in pneumatic tube system technology worldwide with more than 50,000 systems installed in 65 countries.

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Advanced Pneumatic Technology Ltd (A.P.T) was established in 1990 to amalgamate the businesses of Moncore Pneumatic Tubes and Moncore Industries. The Aerocom licence has been held by the current directors since 1988

Our first system was installed in Louth Hospital, Dundalk in 1988 through Moncore Pneumatic Tubes. The benefit to the hospital was immediately recognised Specimens were transported to the Laboratory for analysis promptly and regularly, and reports returned to hospital wards. After 9 years, the system was upgraded to the AC 1000 automatic despatch system and expanded to serve most areas of the hospital through eleven stations, including Pharmacy.

Since 1988, more and more hospitals are coming to realise the benefits a Pneumatic Air Tube System and how it can improve efficiencies in the day to day running of a healthcare facility. As of 2013, APT now has Aerocom Pneumatic Air Tube Systems in 43 Irish hospitals and an 85% market share in the industry.

In 1995 APT designed and manufactured a new type of system for the pneumatic air tube industry. The revolution of SafelinK made systems readily and affordably available to all retailers to enhance their cash security.

APT’s success caught the attention of business and enterprise executives, resulting in achieving 1st Place in the Meath Enterprise Awards and 4th Place in the All-Ireland Enterprise Awards. In 1999, APT was awarded the Ulster Bank / Irish Independent Increase in Business Award for their innovation and successful growth in business.

Development at APT in the year 2000 included the acquisition of Aerocom (UK) Ltd. adding 55% of UK hospital market to already dominant position in the Irish market.

The company provides world class pneumatic tube system installations, services, technical support, reporting on system performances and proof of return on investment.

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